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About Us

"Malaysian virtual reality friendship world where all friends are engage in activities even though separated by distance, space and time. Doesn't really matter who you are... Where you're from... How you look like... As long as you're sincere..."

Virtual Friends® is an interactive website that allows a group of people to communicate and exchange information on a wide range of issues over the Internet. Within each area, participants are provided access to a suite of powerful tools that enable people to effectively get organized, share knowledge and communicate.

The Service brought to you by Webber Dot My Solutions (002351632-A) and registered under Rakan Maya (PPM-0003-10-14012014) for the communication, promotion and free exchange of information and ideas among users of the Service (herein called "Members") in respect of information, data, text, photographs, graphics, hyperlinks, or other materials submitted to the Service (herein collectively referred to as "Content"). The Service contemplates six categories of Members, each of which has certain rights and responsibilities: Webmaster, Advisor, Administrator, Moderator, Paid Member (Premium Member) and Free Member (Junior Member, Member, Senior Member, Executive Member, Die Hard Member and Platinum Member). Webmaster, Advisor, and Administrator has the ability to add, edit or delete any Content within the community and to modify or delete the access privileges of any member of the community. A Administrator or Moderator is a Member appointed by a Webmaster or Advisor. A Moderator has the ability to add, edit or delete Content within the community. Finally, a Member may submit Content to this community but may only edit or delete Content furnished by that specific Member. Subject to the Terms of Service, Content Regulators make their own decisions about the subject matter of a community and membership guidelines for a community, provided that Content Regulators shall ensure that the community is not only a safe place for Members to organize and communicate but also that all Members of the community comply with the Terms of Service.

Our main target members are the teenagers and adults. These members are united by their common information needs - discussions, making & looking friends, sharing photo albums & information, making events, broken hearts recovery and much more... We believe a tripartite partnership of members, advertisers and Virtual Friends® Team, Virtual Friends® will be among the best places of all Malaysian communities. We value this partnership very much that have to be a mechanism to achieve this objective. Your feedback and suggestions will help us to improve the contents and services of our community.

Virtual Friends Team

Developer & Webmaster

Mohd Faizal, Salehan (Faceless)


Adilah, Nisman (Mahsuri)


Kayrie, Esmael (SharkMa)

p, ramlee (2faz)

PenyuXP, Professional (PenyuXP)


asfira, asmah (asfira_asmah83)

Virtual Friends is open to all Malaysians, you may come and join us here.

Best Regards,

Virtual Friends Team - Rakan Maya (PPM-0003-10-14012014)

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