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 Paradox_RAd • 9 years ago • 4,152 viewed

Are you aware of the Risk & Danger ?
26 Toxic Cosmetics & SkinCares Banned By Ministry of Health

Contained Highly Toxic Hydroquinone ,Retinoic Acid / Tretinoin / Steroids that can
cause Cancer, Swelling, Weight Gain, Osteoporosis, Acne, Muscle Weakness, Deposits
of Fat in Chest, Face, Upper Back & Stomach

Brought to you by : Veqish The Purple Club, specially for the members.
You could download more details and information from Ministry of Health¢s website www.bpfk.gov.my

What is Hydroquinone ??
Hydroquinone Dangers
Dangers of Hydroquinone

Creams that lighten the skin have been around for many years. They have been used in the pursuit of beauty in terms of lightening blemishes or even the skin in general. In the quest for beauty, there are side effects that can occur, while using this cream. The main purpose of this article is to examine the dangers associated with an active ingredient in skin lightening creams, hydroquinone. The issue of how it can affect the skin will be looked at.

Skin lightening creams contain a wide variety of active ingredients, the most popular being hydroquinone. It is generally an agent that bleaches the skin. It works by blocking specific enzyme reactions that occur in the skin cells. The reason for doing this is to slow down the creation of melanin that occurs in the individuals skin. The color of the skin is derived from melanin. Areas of the skin that have become dark can be lightened by using hydroquinone. Freckles, age spots, melasma, cholasma are all conditions that can lead to discoloration and darkening of the skin. There may be other reasons for using hydroquinone than those listed above.

Hydroquinone has been banned in Europe because of the dangers associated with it. You could still buy products that contained 2% hydroquinone legally up until 2001. The perception people had were changed once the dangers were discovered.

Mercury is one of the main ingredients that is contained in the product, which makes it highly dangerous. Liver and kidney damage are some of the problems that can occur. Skin disfiguration condition called ochnronosis is a potential side effect from using hydroquinone. Bumps and spots that are grayish brown in color are a result, as well as the skin becoming dark and thick. There is also the possibility that after you stop using the product, your melanin cells that were suppressed, may go haywire and start causing more pigmentation.

Products with the lowest concentration of hydroquinone should be used if you plan on using it. Severe health issues are a possibility due to the high concentration in the products. If creams contain mercury you should stay away from them. A licensed skin specialist should be consulted if you plan on using these creams. You will be able to learn about the many different pros and cons associated with these creams.

(NaturalNews) Doctors in the UK were confused by symptoms presented by a woman when no reason for her weight gain, stretch or stripe marks and inability to conceive could be found. It was only after further questioning that she admitted to using a skin lightening product (1).

The product, which is illegal in the EU, was clobetasol. This is a cream containing high levels of the steroid corticosteroid. Typically this cream is prescribed for skin conditions including eczema and psoriasis, and is only to be used for up to two weeks at a time.

The UK doctors reported that the woman far exceeded the recommended usage, using two tubes of clobetasol a week for over seven years.

Such products are being increasingly used by people in a number of countries in an attempt to lighten the skin. Older people as well use skin lightening to remove age or liver spots and other skin darkening conditions.

However few people are warned of the dangers of the toxic ingredients which, as well as containing steroids, includes hydroquinone. While hydroquinone is allowed in the US by the FDA, it is banned in Europe because of the potential to cause cancer.

The list of side effects of the steroid corticosteroid is long. The most serious is Cushing's disease, a malfunction of the adrenal glands leading to an overproduction of cortisol. Other side effects include:

* increased appetite and weight gain

* deposits of fat in chest, face, upper back, and stomach

* swelling

* slowed healing of wounds

* osteoporosis

* cataracts

* acne

* muscle weakness

* thinning of the skin

However, there are other skin lightening creams containing equally toxic chemicals. In 2003, Dr S. Allen Counter of Harvard Medical School reported that the high levels of mercury found in people, but particularly women, from Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, West Africa, and in Tanzania in East Africa related to the use of skin lightening creams.

He states that 96% of over 300 patients in the Southwestern United States that have higher than normal mercury levels were female and all had used skin lightening products; likewise 90% of women tested in clinics in Arizona who were Mexican-American had been using the same products (2).

Women more often try to whiten their skin and as a consequence poison their bodies. These lightening creams such as ¡Crema de Belleza-Manning¢, which is made in Mexico, contain mercurous chloride and is easily absorbed through the skin.

Toxic levels of mercury lead to mercury poisoning which causes neurological and kidney damage, and may also lead to psychiatric disorders. In addition, it can lead to severe birth defects.

Fairer, lighter skins is highly valued in some countries such as Asia and India. And even in countries where traditionally a tanned skin is seen as healthier, some women are using skin lightening products to achieve the flawless look of stars, such as Cate Blanchett.

Skin lightening products reduce the amount of melanin which makes the body more vulnerable to UV rays and thus to skin cancer and ageing. It is then necessary to protect your skin from the skin.

Given that chemical skin lightening has a range of serious side effects, the best advice would be to stay clear of such products and be happy to be in your skin.

Contained Toxic Hydroquinone / Retinoic Acid / Tretinoin / Steroids

Banned Products by Ministry of Health, Malaysia


Dr. Seagar Skin Recon

Felisa GP Lotion

Dewajah Night Cream

Herbarites Skin Whitening

Atika Beauty Skin Lightening Cream

Crystal White Extra Night Cream (sasa)

Sendayu Tinggi Body & Skincare

Kzanah White Pembersih wajah

Reena¢s Astringen Lanjutan

Toxic Cosmetics & Skincares Banned By MoH

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