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 DilaDellila • 15 years ago • 9,470 viewed

quote -> The top 10 fast-moving consumer goods brands in Malaysia 3 ------> arak --> Carlsberg,guinness, dunhill 4 ------> rokok --> Dunhill, marlboro, salem dan Benson 3 ------> Milo,susu f&n dan soft-drink f&n

No. produk 1 Dunhill 2 Carlsberg 3 Guinness 4 Tiger

Dunhill claims top brand spot in Malaysia
STYLE. Quality. Excellence. And now, it can add a new claim: the country?s favourite brand in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) category.
Market research firm ACNielsen (M) Sdn Bhd, using last year?s sales as the benchmark, has enthroned Dunhill at the head of its inaugural list of Malaysia?s top 100 brands.
Dunhill is the only brand on the list whose annual sales exceeded RM1bil. However, three other cigarette brands ? Marlboro, Salem and Benson & Hedges ? also made it among the big 10 . All in all, 15 brands in the top 100 list are tobacco-related.
The top 10 fast-moving consumer goods brands in Malaysia. Another product category that performed well was alcoholic beverages. Carlsberg, Guinness and Tiger secured second, third and fourth positions, respectively.
But Coca-Cola, the world?s best-selling fizzy drink that grabbed number one spot in ACNielsen?s lists for Britain and Australia, managed only 13th placing in Malaysia. When it comes to branded non-alcoholic drinks, Malaysians prefer Milo (7th spot) and F&N (10th).
Meanwhile, Yeo?s is giving carbonated drink brands a run for their money and may well move up from its current 26th spot if the consumption trend of the so-called ?Asian drinks? (ready-to-drink chrysanthemum and herbal tea, soya-based drinks, etc) continues.
According to ACNielsen Retail Measurement Services executive director Darren Fifield, Asian drink sales jumped 20% last year, making it the third fastest growing FMCG category.
Other top 10 growth categories were fruit beverages (sales up by 25.4%), bathroom tissue (20.9%), liquid milk (18.6%), coffee mix (16.9%), chewing gum (16.2%), breakfast cereals (13.6%), stocks/seasonings (11.8%), toilet cleaners (11.5%) and snack foods (11.1%).
In terms of brand family, the F&N family (which includes sweetened condensed milk and carbonated drinks) ranked first, followed by Milo (which comes in powder and liquid), Dumex (cereals, milk powder and liquid drinks), Maggi (noodles, sauces and stocks), and Dutch Lady (various milk products).
ACNielsen Malaysia estimated the sales figures of the various brands by surveying retail outlets in Peninsular Malaysia. Fifield noted that the company did not cover two product categories, cooking oil and rice, which might have qualified as top 100 contenders.
In the global scene, prepared alcoholic beverages were the fastest growing category last year. The ACNielsen group, in its study of over 90 food and beverage categories across 47 countries, estimated their sales growth at 33%.
Consumers? concern on health and safety as well as their desire for convenience and portability are reflected in the list of 2001 top growth categories worldwide.
Other categories listed were refrigerated ready-to-eat meals and meal makers (13% growth), still and carbonated water (13%), drinkable yoghurts and other dairy-based drinks excluding regular milk (12%), frozen meat/poultry/game (12%), refrigerated salads (11%), frozen fruit (10%), frozen fish/shellfish/seafood (10%), and refrigerated dips/dressings/sauces (10%).
In Asia Pacific, the highest growth rate category last year was non-carbonated fruit-flavoured drinks (21% growth rate).
Excluding Japan and China, ready-to-drink tea also appeared as a double-digit growth category, expanding by 24%.
nak tgk... ... gi sini http://biz.thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2002/7/19/business/hftop100&newspage=Search

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