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 LadyTwilight • 10 years ago • 1,336 viewed

I can write "I love you" just on my blog..
paint it on walls or write a song lyrics...
I can say "I hate you " via sms...
I can confess '' I miss U "
to person that i close with..
but I need to tell you that with a smile...
I can't wait anymore, I can't hide anymore
I want to live what I've never lived before
I want to feel the inner pure sincere love..
even for a second ... ..will u ever care.. ?
will u listen..

for my 86,400 second ... ..

I want to tell that" i love my family " so much...
coz 'em gives me unconditional love,
They gave me strength and guidance
Listen when i need an ear ..
And the one thing is they will always care
When i need a hand,they'll lend me theirs
whenever i need comfort..
They make me laugh ... .
Their love is never hidden it is always shown ...

my 86,400 second ... ..

i might ... ... .( to be continued )

inspired by him...
my mr stand by me...

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