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 DilaDellila • 10 years ago • 1,201 viewed

Ahmadinejad the low profile president from iran
Written on March 13, 2010 – 11:48 pm | by daydaily.com |
1. The first time he occupied the presidential office by donating all Iranian carpets Palace very high value to the mosque-a mosque in Tehran and replacing it with an ordinary carpet easy to clean.
2. He observed that there is a very large room to accept and respect the VIPs and he ordered it to close the room and asked the protocol to replace it with a regular room with 2 wooden chairs, although modest but still look impressive.

3. On many occasions he chatted with the janitor around the house and his presidential office.
4. Under his leadership, when he asked his ministers to come to him and the ministers will receive a signed document that contains directives from him, landing is particularly stress of his ministers to keep a simple life and mentioned that the accounts personal and close relatives will be monitored, so that when the ministers will end his term of office may leave office with his head held high.
5. First of all he announced the wealth and property consisting of the Peugeot 504 in 1977, a modest house inherited from his father 40 years ago in a slum in Tehran. Bersaldo his bank account a minimum, and only his money into a cash salary.
6. His salary as a lecturer at a university is only worth U.S. $ 250.
7. For additional information, the President still lives in his house. That was all he had as a president of an important country both strategically, economically, politically, not to mention the oil and defense. Even he does not take a salary, the reason is that all wealth is owned by the state and his job was to guard it.
8. One thing that impressed the staff wrote the presidency is the bag he always carried the president every day is always filled breakfast sandwich or cheese sandwich prepared by his wife, and eat with joy, he also stopped providing food habits that are specific to the president.

9. Another thing he changed was the policy of the Presidential Aircraft, He turned it into a cargo plane that could save communities taxes and for himself, he asked to fly the aircraft used by economy class.
10. He often held a meeting with his ministers to get info about the activities and efficiency that have been done, and he cut the palace protocol so that his ministers can go directly to the office without resistance. He also stop the habit like a red carpet ceremony, photo session, or a private publication, or such things when visiting various places in the country.
11. We have to stay at the hotel, he asked for a room without a bed because he does not like sleeping on a bed, but preferred to sleep on the floor carpet and a blanket repose. Is it demeaning behavior president’s position? Iranian president to sleep in the living room out of his house after his bodyguard wrote always follow wherever he went. According Wifaq newspaper, photographs taken by his brother, and then publicized by news media around the world, including America.

12. Throughout the prayer, you can see that he was not sitting in the front row.

13. Even when the call to prayer resounded, he did pray everywhere, although usually only be based carpet.

14. recently he has just had a great celebration That is his son marriage. But the President’s son’s wedding was just like a marriage of Labor. The following documentation wedding A Son President.

there is only orange, banana and apple

bonus :

Mr. President’s house and car

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