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 DilaDellila • 10 years ago • 1,630 viewed

Yesterday night 1/12/2010, the celebrations of 2nd half crony birthday bash was held at Vogue Cafe, Renaissance Hotel, KL. It doesn't matter whether it is right in the middle of the week to us but the moment that counts. As always,all attended the bash untuk membalas rai "the 2nd half celebrants" ie Hjh Yatimah, Aziz, Me & Hasnah. And of course the attendance was mandatory, so I had no choice but to go.
I must give the committee two thumbs up ie Mawar, Hamidah, Shiha & Rozie hats off for make it very meaningful and happenning bash with the theme 'Jangan Tua Sebelum Usia"..huhuhu..perli lah tuh..

We were around 15 of us yesterday and everybody gather on time as the hotel is only walking distance away. We start makan at 7 pm. Food they provide like Asian, Japanese, Grilled, Cold appetiser, salad and varieties of ice cream + chocz. Appetisers are impressive with a blend of local and international. Suka tengok Nufail and Farish enjoying fresh oysters and prawns as well as the california roll.
Menu mostly on salmon which has turned local and plain..Ahh... As usual cake dan gambar tidak boleh dipisahkan. After the cake cutting ceremony, picture was taken and then each of us were presented by the committee a birthday gift. However, atas permintaan committee all the gift need to be opened. Ever wondered what present is like? Wow..everybody very impressed indeed as each and everyone of us received a mug with our picture printed on it together with the group photo plus all other stuff ie hair oil, mask and concentrate anlene milk..yang ke arah umur senja lah... Aishhh... .

Thank you Committee. The arrangement and efforts they put up patut di puji lah and membuktikan our semangat setiakawan, mengeratkan silaturrahim dan semoga berkekalan dengan izin dan barakah Allah hendaknya. Forget the presents, the preps & the food; the mere fact that everyone made walaupun dalam keadaan hari2 bekerja and how special it was. Glad I were a part of it

As I always maintain, little things in life matter a lot…they simply make life a lot more special!!!Thanx to all 1st half crony's efforts and arrangement not just for the person who celebrated birthday but for all the loved near and dear ones.

Happy B-day once again to all! Hoping that next year to come are even more special

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