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 DilaDellila • 8 years ago • 1,413 viewed

Alamak ... time flies so fast. So..sob..sob..esok dh nak pulang ke Malaya. Our flight scheduled at 7 am... Actually banyak lagi tak cover di Perth ni. Museum Perth, Bell Tower and Mandurah. Aisshhh... we should have stayed longer in Perth. Ok..hari2 akhir di Perth..we all utilised to the fullest. We spent most of our time shopping di Big W, Woolworth, Harbour Town and City Center. Bagi perabih duit2 yang ada.
As we were in Perth at the right time... Sale..sale..sale everywhere... apa lagi... Serbu. The currency = RM1 - AUD3.18..kira sendiri lah. So I bought something to pamper myself. Miu-miu sunglass and Oroton handbag as they offered half price and I can get back GST since Oroton is their local product. Memang sangat berbaloi lah. Puas hati..puas hati... bought some souvenirs for family and friends. At least ada buah tangan untuk mereka tanda ingatan.

Lepas dinner at Love and Care (owned by Abuya). Dalam keadaan letih lepas seharian berjalan, nak clear kan baggage pulak. Of course lah semua beg beranak-ranak. Luckily mine and Mia was just nice. My baggage total to 35kg. Tapi yang lain2 more or less we try to work it out fairly and make sure no cost incurred for the excess baggage.
Alhamdulilah semuanya under control. Ainon memang pakar dalam penimbangan baggage. The weighing machine lah jadi mangsanya. Huhu... it helps... Sedang berkemas2 Hanim received sms from Air Asia that our flight will be delayed for two hours due to bad wheather. Akhirnya our flight schedule at 9 am. Ok lah sempat solat subuh di rumah.

And so goodbye to Perth. We had a wonderful holidays there, saw most of the sights. And what a beautiful place, one of the most isolated cities in the world. Trillion thanks to Hjh Zaini and family for the hospitality and menumpang kasih di rumahnya and all the others Hjh Radziah, Hjh Hanim, Rozie, Ainun and Datin Normah and all the anak2, who made the holiday so memorable and so enjoyable. U all sume rock lah... what a great trip and accompany..I'm gonna miss u all..suka lah dengan their peaceful environment, warga yang discipline and the quiet traffic.

Memang nak lah lagi datang ke Perth... .InsyaAllah tapi... bileeee tu... .

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