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 DilaDellila • 5 years ago • 1,019 viewed

Life is beautiful when you're around.
It felt complete with you around.
How amazing this life was if you're around.
But, who am I to defy what's written in lifes destiny?!

Life is meaningless when you're at the end of the other side of the world...
Life is hopeless when there's a huge gap between us.
Life is miserable when there's a GREAT WALL OF CHINA in front of me...
But, who am I to objected to your words?!

I'm a nobody without you.
I'm just a tiny person without you.
I'm nothing more than a mere human being.
That couldn't fight for your love.

I'm a normal human being that want to love and be in love...
A mere human being thats has feelings...
For once when I decided to live...
That's the day I lose my only reason.

The day I decide to move on...
is the day I found out,
that we must be apart to be happy.
All those years that past seems wasteful to my youth.
My teenaged youth seems to lasts with my heart.
So hateful.
So pitiful.
So miserable...
So royal pain.
Life & Youth...
Which was important to live with?!
I'm just liked a nightingale in a golden cage trapped in the forbidden city of China...

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