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 DilaDellila • 7 years ago • 1,606 viewed

"Ever since I lost myself into your eyes...
I can't see anything but you.
The shade of love has brightened my life.
Ever since I came with you.
Love is an amazing feeling.
Love is a strong emotion.
Love can change the world.
It can change circumstances.
Love can change everything include human hearts.
Without love, what will a life be without.
Without love, what will a world live without.
The shade of love had brought sunlight to my life...
When my eyes set upon yours...
its like a casts of spell that fallen to me.
When your eyes set upon me...
Its like time stopped and kept staring at me,
without any doubt.
Ever since I lost myself into your eyes...
I seems to forgot the day and night.
Ever since your eyes sets on me...
Its like I'd lost myself in searching of your presence.
Eyes that stairs seems so peaceful and lovely.
Its like livin' in paradise where there's only love for human to feel.
In the Eyes of the beholder...
You're light up great scenery... with your smile and shining eyes.
So enchanted & wonderful...
Yet, charming that brings peaceful to ones heart.

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