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 ShizukaMia • 6 years ago • 1,417 viewed

Life is considerably simple.. if you choose your way of life wisely.

That is where your mind is needed.. your heart speaks... and your mind do the thinking if it is a good choice.

When you've tried your very best.. the rest leave it for HIM to decide if it's good for you and to grant you the life you've chosen.

Why make it hard? The most important thing is your intention.
Cause' what's burried deep down in your heart that makes a different. Clean it! Service it! so your heart shines beautifully!

And nothing to worry.. just go with the flow of life.

Ahaha I don't actually know what I'm saying!

Take care friends! And don't forget to smile! Cause that's where you start


. don't let your mind drift so far a way though..cause then you'll get exhausted catching up! (did you know that your imagination can go far beyond your conscious mind(your awareness) I think..

hrmmm.. well..at least that's what I think wink!

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