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 DilaDellila • 6 years ago • 1,460 viewed

Think of you...
Dream of you...
Missing you... and still loving you.
But, I guess...
I'm already over you.
It's just like livin' in a

Seeing you... seems so far.
Forgotten and bedridden.
It's me who'd left forgotten.
Seeing you happily & peaceful,
it's just like you standing beside
a shady tree.

Think of you...
with a zillions of memories.
All the sweetness,bitterness,sadness,finest and happiness
... so wonderful,
Yet, so enchanting.
Just you and me...
in my dreams and fantasy.
But, the truth lies within...
is the reality... that nothing could
You and me...
Will never be "us" as one in reality.
Us only belonged in my fantasy.
Where my loves for you remains unchanged...
and You LOVES only me ALONE.

Dejavu' will always happens...
But you and me...
remains silence and stands still til the end of time.

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