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 DilaDellila • 6 years ago • 1,445 viewed

You're my inspiration.
That inspired my love and life.
You're my inspiration.
That inspired my tears and joy.
You're my inpiration.
That wondered in my heart and soul.

You're my inspiration...
that wondered in my dreams at night.
You'd became somebody that cloze to my heart...
Within 12 years...
you're someone nobody would expects to
changed me.

You're my inspiration..
Once you weave your magic wand,
life changed on the spotted.
Brings excitement into my Life.
You're my inspiration...
Your words works liked a charms towards me.
You're some kind enchanted sorceror.

You stole my heart...
You stole my dreams at night..
You stole my bright daylight...
Yet, I let you passed.
You stole my mights...
to stand still.. not to walk at night.
Everything from me were stolen by you...
Yet, I don't mine that.
Everything had been taken away from me...
But, I still dreamed of you at night.
Everything seems normal during daylight...
But from night to night to dawn...
my heads tight up,
by the memories and inspirations of you.
How wonderful and enchanting...
to be inspired by you for my entire LIFE.

You're deffinately my inspiration...
The only thing or human being I can't live Without!

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