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 riana_sporty • 10 years ago • 1,761 viewed • 71 replied

salam sume

ria tulis thread ni sbb nak cari bakat2 futsal yg terpendam kat semua girls yg ada kat vf nih.. selalu bile ria tlg setkan futsal game tuk budak² vf.. yg ramai mesti dak² laki je.. yg pompuan dtg la tp selalu org yg same je.. huhu

so ape kate girls out there yg mmg ria tau berbakat besar tp msh segan nak menjuinkan diri nak attend event.. meh le kt gather n make a team so that takde la kt men cam haram je kan ekekek

ri apun beginners je.. tak reti men pun.. but i would love to see girls punye team berkembang kat vf ni.. lgpun tahun ni kt akan ade another futsal tournament.. so this is the time for us to practice hard and show to the guys out there yg girls rules in futsaL too..

so what say you? wanna join me and the rest?

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