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 Ida_Azhari • 11 years ago • 1,302 viewed • 18 replied

Hye sume.. salam..

Ida ada soalan sikit nak tanya..

If someone put their status " in a relationship " , why semua orang pikir die tu couple with someone

What if kalau die letak tu sebab lain

Contohnya, maybe die saja nak kaburkan mata orang lain, tak pun sebab die saja-saja letak, ataupun sebab die pikir die ni human being yang ada relationship dengan semua human being atas muka bumi ni. Oe maybe, they waiting for someone..

Ada pernah tanya ke

Any opinion Why people easily come into the conclusion without asking

Bukan ke put " in a relationship " tu lagi bagos dari put " single " sebab nak mengatal even dah ada yang berpunya

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